Partnership Announcement: Kalata x Horizon Land  

Horizon Land is pleased to announce our new partnership Kalata. Our aiming is mutual growth for both projects. Through this partnership, Horizon Land and Kalata will increase both brand awareness, bring KALA closer to Horiziends. Together ensure the liquidity of the token to help ensure the exchange of users in-game and solvency of the system.

About Kalata – The Backbone Of Synthetic Asset Issuance And Transaction

Kalata is a synthetic asset trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which supports multiple blockchains. Users will be able to trade any asset on the Kalata platform such as Stocks, Bulk Commodities, and other financial derivatives. Kalata’s core team consists of people with vast experience and expertise in Financial Technologies, Blockchain Technologies, Stock Markets, and Marketing. 

KALATA have been involved in the development of several successful projects and products in both the general IT field and blockchain application. They is also a derivative trading and mortgage lending platform for decentralized synthetic assets. 

Kalata uses a high-performance oracle to make sure the consistency between synthetic asset prices and real-world asset prices. Every trade will be executed against real-time price feeds with zero slippage, guaranteed by their over-collateralized liquidity pool.

Read more about Kalata:official website | Whitepaper|  Linktree

Kalata Community: Telegram | Twitter  |Medium

About Horizon’s Road Map – The Immersive Virtual World For Gamers Built On Blockchain

Q2/2022 Road Map

  • Token Generation Event (IDO)
  • Sale INO
  • Staking NFT
  • Listing on Pancakeswap
  • Farming and Staking $ZON Token
  • Release NFT Marketplace Public & Open
  • Launching Beta Gaming Site
  • Launching Earning Feature
  • Launch PVE, PVP, Arena Quest System
  • Staking NFT Land

Horizon Land’s IDO time can be expected in Q2/2022. The next time, we will be the appearance of a series of 3D models of all Heroes, in-game items, Lands…Included with campaigns for players not only experience but also hunt the airdrops as capital to get ready to start with MetaFi Horizon.

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