S.Thing – The Death of Japura

Surely from time to time, if you are a person who follows every sentence deep inside the characters, you also know Planet Japurav – an ancient planet, nearing its end.

But in the deep places inside the swamp, stinking, there is S.Thing who hates everything that belongs to this planet, even though it is the cradle of his birth and from here Japura’s death begins. 

The Tragedy of S.Thing’s Life!

From birth, S.Thing’s body had a terrible smell, the smell like a corpse that had been covered by swamps after many years suddenly emerged by a rain of the jungle. 

Go with the pain of being abandoned by his father. He knocked on doors from house to house to ask for help, but no one helped, causing his mother to die in pain…That it made S.Thing’s mind twisted.

He was like a beast that began to take revenge, first against all the animals in the village, then all the children, and finally whoever assassinated him.

But the strength of a 10-year-old child, to be able to do that is already too much to bear. S.Thing lay limply on the ground and was saved by a pilgrim Cyberse. The Old Man saved S.Thing’s life with his power and allowed him to accompany him until he reached another city, where the two parted. 

S.Thing like having more fulcrum, he asked The Old Man to accept him and wanted to accompany the master in his spiritual journey. But The Old Man did not accept.

He thinks that The Old Man himself hates and loathes him, just like everyone else. The act of saving lives in his eyes now seemed like almsgiving, humiliation

And S.Thing started trips across the star systems, he eventually reached the Last Stand and became a warrior of the Underworld crime syndicate


The Rise of Hatred!

After years of preparation, his time for revenge had finally begun

S.Thing has placed fake concussion devices all over secret locations in Japura, leading the authorities here to believe that the apocalypse is 100 years earlier, forcing Japura to call for help from the Freedom Alliance

Cậu ta đánh lừa sự vội vã của leaders of Japura, và được toàn bộ cư dân Japura đã lên tàu của Underworld. Và còn tồi tệ hơn, The Underworld’s Ships did not leave but formed a defensive barrier, preventing any ships from moving towards Japura

Underworld’s warship approaches Japura, which is already an empty planet.

The first to descend was SThing, then an Underworld scholar – Treasure Hunter. The Black Cat came up with this grand plan.

But their target was The Old Man, no, a Reincarnated Cyberse. 

In Japura, under the control of Treasure Hunter, Lilfrog lost his mind, attacked his teacher, The Old Man, and used a knife with a poison poisonous to Cyberse to stab the master’s core. A.Boy stabbed S.Thing in the eye with the knife he gave LilFrog.

Treasure Hunter, after handling A.Boy, brought S.Thing and his subordinates into the fake cargo ships.

He also followed the plan, creating an explosion that destroyed more than half of the ships, killing more than 1 million people of Japura, creating an opportunity for the entire Underworld to flee.

Will Resentment Pay Off?

The poison was so strong that Underworld’s technique was not enough to heal S.Thing’s eye. He also ignored it.

On the projection screen, he watched Japura begin to collapse. This event could take years before the planet died, but he still wanted to see it. And he stared at the screen for seven days straight without eating or drinking.

However, the pleasure of revenge comes only for a moment. The emptiness follows them in the mermaid’s mind.

Perhaps Japura’s death was not enough to make the hatred in his heart be relieved. S.Thing needs to find a new target. 

He thought of Japura’s new planet – Negro and its survivors, his other eye flickering slightly.

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