Alien Hunter – The Rage of the Namib

Planet Namib, a vast sand planet, is located in the midwest region of Horizon.

There is also a kingdom with the same name as Namib, an elf of the Freedom Alliance.

Namib was also the first stop of the Alliance against the Empire.

Alien Hunter is a stoic soldier, absolutely loyal to his kingdom.

Alien Hunter’s Desert Storm Division is one of the Liberal Alliance’s critical defenses against the Empire’s northern expansion.

Because of the Alien Hunter, General Jacob has only concentrated his troops around the Namib area but never made any more profound invasion into the sand planet.


Alien Hunter is the mainstay for Namib.

However, in addition to the problem of foreign invasion, the planet also faces many internal problems.

The Namib royal family was famous for its lavish wastefulness and corrupt bureaucracy, making the country increasingly insolvent.

Without Alien Hunter voicing unconditional support for the Royal Family, Namib had at least five mutiny events in the past ten years.

In recent times, there have been a series of mysterious disappearances.

The victims were all women and children.

The Royal Family’s attitude was vague, and the security agencies also casually investigated.

Falling into a dead end, the people were forced to find their hero – Alien Hunter.

Alien Hunter is also very interested in this. Although the Royal side asked him to continue building the front lines, the Reptile was still determined to investigate.

Because of this determination, he almost had to pay with his own life.

The collected evidence leads Alien Hunter to the Kuiseb River, the largest river in Namib.

Here, Alien Hunter encountered a person that would later change his life: an Aqua boy named Lil’Frog – a member of the Empire.

On the banks of the river Kuiseb, the two had a fierce battle until Lil’Frog told the Reptile that he had come to Namib not to represent the Empire but as an emotional outburst to investigate a particular enemy. The old human trafficker took out his village and kidnapped its aqua brothers.

With his intuition, Alien Hunter trusted the boy Aqua in front of him, put aside the conflict, the two walked along the banks of the Kuiseb River, across the Naukluft Mountains, until they encountered the smuggler’s base.

The two quickly defeated the guards, rescuing the children, but the Reptile dimly realized that everything was not as simple as a typical kidnapping and trafficking.

While the two were searching for the perpetrator’s whereabouts, suddenly gunfire rang out, both of them were surrounded by hundreds of soldiers.

Namib’s troops quickly approached the base.

But before Alien Hunter could speak, the soldiers opened fire on their commander.

From a distance, Lil’Frog and Alien Hunter both see the king of Namib standing next to a notorious criminal of the Underworld – S.Thing.

It turned out that it was S.Thing who carried out the kidnapping, and the one who abetted was Namib’s royal family.

S.Thing is also the guy Aqua who kidnapped and destroyed Lil’Frog’s village.

The Namib Royal Family realized that it was only a matter of time before the Empire invaded the Namib planet, and the Alliance could not help them but wanted them to be a shield against the Empire.

Given his past actions with his slaves, Namib did not expect the Empire to allow them to surrender.

At least all members of the Royal Family will be executed.

The Namib Royal Family began to prepare for their retreat for maximum benefit.

In order not to be discovered by the Free Alliance, the Namib royal family, combined with the Underworld, sold all its resources to this criminal organization – including the resources of their population.

The Namib royal family completely abandoned the Namib people, treating them as commodities and selling them to the Underworld.

Upon discovering this, Alien Hunter risked his life to stop Lil’Frog from escaping; the boy Aqua before escaping promised to return with an army, defeat Namib, and promised to meet Alien Hunter again if he did still alive.

After Lil’frog escaped, Alien Hunter took the initiative to get arrested. The reptilian longed to speak to the head of the Namib for an explanation of where he could use his life to protect.

But unfortunately…

The person now accuses the hero of the Namib army he swore to protect of colluding with the Empire and betraying the country.

Fearing that the Alien Hunter would somehow reveal his actions, affecting the retreat, Namib’s king, Kalahari, ordered his confidant to cut off the Reptile’s tongue.

Still not reassured, Kalahari manually smashed Alien Hunter’s jawbone with the butt of a gun.

The reptilian didn’t make even the slightest cry, and his eyes stared straight at the Kalahari. The pain from the flesh could not be compared with the pain of the Namib royal family’s betrayal of him.


Lil’Frog has successfully left Namib.

The Empire was angry at the actions of the Namib royal family. Without any compromise, less than 10 minutes after Lil’Frog broke the news, General Jacob and his entire staff issued instructions to purify Namib, followed by a roaring Imperial Fleet rush towards the sand planet.

Kalahari was also surprised at the fierceness and speed of the Empire; at this time, there was no longer Alien Hunter, Desert Storm was just a name, and was quickly defeated by the Empire’s power.

S.Thing is wiser than he looks, since when did he and his companions withdraw from Namib, bring a large number of resources, and leave the face of the Kalahari.

Kalahari is only the object of the transaction, not the accomplices of S.Thing. When the target is no longer profitable, the Underworld will let them self-destruct.

The selfish and cruel king hastily plundered what was left of the palace, leaving the soldiers and the people behind to suffer the wrath of the Empire.

He and his close subordinates fled the planet. 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go.

Only saw one by one the defenders of the Kalahari collapse in blood.

The king looked ahead in horror, a reptilian body covered in blood, his jaw disfigured, his arms bound with a buckle that he had severed and left in the dungeon.

Alien Hunter used his other arm to crush a guard’s head, not because he was a comrade before but added any hesitation like last time. The Reptile was so disappointed in what he had long sworn to protect with his life.

Alien Hunter will use his arm to vent his wrath, of an entire people, of an entire planet on the one they worship.

Right now, Alien Hunter embodies the wrath of the Namib people.


The dead quiet night began to cover Namib.

The Empire’s battleships received no resistance from the air, and Namib fell. The remaining soldiers of the Desert Storm also quickly surrendered.

Lil’Frog rushed towards the palace, accompanied by a high-ranking officer of the Empire – Strike Fighter.

The wicked king lay on the ground, his eyes still wide with fear from the horror he witnessed before he died.

The palace now had no survivors. No, there was still one survivor.

Alien Hunter let his blood flow. The face disfigured by the loss of jaw muscles sadly looked at the remains of the Royal Palace.

Lil’Frog was about to speak, but Strike Fighter held out his hand to stop the boy.

Perhaps right now, the Reptile needed to gnaw at this loss alone.

Only saw the Steel Butcher, placing his hand on his core, bowing his head slightly, giving Alien Hunter some respect.

Lil’frog also hurried to follow, although not understanding the meaning of the action, the feeling still made the boy know what he was expressing.

Alien Hunter, in the meantime, has won the respect of the entire Empire.


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