Strike Fighter – The Steel Butcher

After three emperors, the country of former slaves has now become a mighty empire. And the symbol for that Eternal Empire is the Steel Butcher – Strike Fighter warrior of the Cyberse race. Many years ago, on a specific planet, and the story had just begun.

“Who are we? Where do we from? And where does that get you?”

The nameless Cyberse guy touched the riverbank, let the water flow over his arm, and smiled at the mermaid boy looking at him curiously.

“Many years ago, I had a disciple… It has chosen to go out in search of an answer to this question.”

Horizon is vast, no matter who, even to an immortal race like Cyberse. Strike Fighter wanders through the vast universe like an ascetic monk.

Unlike his teacher, Strike Fighter believes that he can realize the true meaning for his species by going further and seeing more. He didn’t know how long he had traveled, how many star systems had crossed; he had seen the technological wonders created by cosmic discovery. Still, more than that, injustice was happening everywhere until he set foot on a distant planet.

Technology doesn’t change human nature, and it just makes the worst things more obvious.

Chosen as an observer, he witnessed the crimes arising from the lust of creatures hailed as the most civilized and intelligent in the universe.

Colonial planets, where humans were born for the sole purpose of becoming tools of hard labor, and only ended their work when they collapsed from exhaustion and disease.

Eventually, Strike Fighter’s mind began to waver, and the more he saw, the more confused the Cyberse was about the answer he was looking for.

After all, are we born into this world with no purpose or just to satisfy the lust to take control of our bodies?

Those slaves, born and died without any meaning.

Until, Strike Fighter saw an event that changed his life, a rebellion.

For the first time, Strike Fighter saw the resistance of the slaves, and he saw the desire to take their lives from the hands of the exploiters.

For the first time, he felt the creature’s resistance to fate.

Soldiers with advanced weapons would immediately quell the riot without making any sense.

Suddenly, the guy just now had a thought, what if they succeed…? How far will they go, and how will their destiny change from here on?

After all, from the observer’s point of view, who knows when… the Cyberse guy took action…

In an instant, not a single soldier survived from his terrifying power.

A young slave, killing the Marshal of his planet, his eyes shining like stars, extended his blood-stained hand towards Strike Fighter, starting a friendship between the two and starting for Legendary journey.

After three emperors, the country of former slaves has now become a mighty empire.

Where people, regardless of background, regardless of status, can by their ability take a worthy position, even the Emperor.

Since when did Strike Fighter become the Steel Butcher – the victory symbol of the Eternal Empire. The Cyberse guy is still there, not attached to power and status – things that he can quickly get.

He continued, fighting and watching. As long as the empire in his heart still represents the ideal of liberation, he will continue to move forward and fight.

Even if… empire, it was no longer the same?

“I’ll use this arm, finish everything I’ve made,” whispered Strike Fighter, touching the tech core on his chest, engraved with the Empire’s crest.


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