Smith – Leader of the Desert

Each character comes from Horizon Land, they are almost possessing exceptional abilities and fighting power. And behind those heroes are stories full of mysteries. Horizon Land will unfold the stories of heroes from the 2300s, according to the galactic calendar at the Horizon world.

“Reputation is nothing compared to the Freedom of this land” – General Smith.

Smith was a senior officer with The Guardians, directing the defense of Virginia 1087.

Smith devoted his youth to the treaty of the Freedom League. Along with his fellow students at the Army officers’ school, he actively lobbied neutral nations to create a legitimate organization against the Empire’s expansion. 

He is also the person who laid the first foundation of The Guardians. Make it from a collection that lacks discipline and unity to become the most regular army of Horizon.

“What is fame compared to the Freedom of this land?”. That’s what he said when he ordered his army to destroy the entire planet Virginia 1087, blocking the way of the Empire’s army.

This action helped the Alliance get out of danger, but it made the Gods angry. The Executors demanded that Smith be brought to court because he violated the treaty using weapons of planetary destruction and indirectly destroyed the fabric of a star system.

Because of his dedication, Smith escaped the death penalty. However, he was stripped of all his positions and became a commoner.

Smith has the choice to serve a 100-year prison sentence or voluntarily enlist as a regular soldier and must immediately go to the battlefield.

He chose option second  – cowardice to preserve his life was not his way of life. 

Starting from zero in middle age, with her energy and determination to bring freedom to Horizon. The old soldier continued to fight for his cause. 

In the final battle at the Last Stand, Smith was mortally wounded, losing an eye and right arm.

But at least he lived to see the dawn of freedom. See the results of your life’s efforts.

Smith chose to stay in the Last Stand, leaving the army and becoming a mercenary wandering the lands he once fought.

Smith chose to stay in the Last Stand, leaving the army and becoming a mercenary wandering the lands he once fought.

There were almost no obstacles that could cause trouble for the old soldier. Even after years of living in the desert, he could adapt to harsh living conditions.  

Occasionally at the Last Stand, some caravans could see the silhouette of a middle-aged man with a poise military demeanor walking proudly across the vast desert.


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