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The development of technology allows people on different planets to meet each other. However, due to the differences among cultures and social rules, these meetings create a lot of conflicts among races. As you may know, the 3rd war in Universe is coming very soon as the misapprehension among races becomes more complicated. And how many factions are there in the wars? And specifically, who they are?

Let’s review some and start to earn with Horizon Land Metaverse

Races in Horizon Land

In Horizon Land, there are five races, with four factions – which is revealed after, in the wars:


Human’s homeland is the Earth, but they consider the whole planet as one entity; thus, Human has the ambition to explore other planets and own the whole Universe. They are competent to produce much chemical power, technology and are very ambitious.

Characters in Human:





Chris – The City Hunter


Cyberse is created by the Divine, but they have the ability to control their own consciousness. Like a machine, they have no homeland; hence, conquering one planet is a vital goal for Cyberse. Their powers are unlimited. Don’t like people, Cyberse can easily be charged and have no sense of tiredness.

Characters in Cyberse:

Strike Fighter

Cyber Clown


Ice Queen

Iron Golem


Aqua is a race born in water land, so they have inherited the characters of the motherland. When Aqua is angry, they can engulf all the planets with water. Except for the slow movement, their powers are very considerable to other races.

Characters in Aqua:




Mad Scientist



Reptile races are the most flexible lifestyle in the Universe. They can change their bodies or even gender to adapt to the harsh conditions of the environment. Therefore, in their minds, everywhere on the planets are homes, which form excellent survival skills. 

Characters in Reptile:

Alien Hunter


Meteor Corba

Cyber Cowboy



Beast is the only race with two branches as Beast-Warrior and Winged-Beast, with extra wings. Their mindsets are also very different from others in that they only want to protect their homeland and have no consideration for discovering the Universe.

Characters in Beast:



Drug Master

Treasue Hunter

Heavy Ronin


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