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Land of crazy people, a must-have experience for thrill-seekers stunned by death and captivated by mystery. The underground forces from the Beast race will lead you to a land full of fear, whose leader is none other than the gunner Drug Master – the Boggart of crime.

In Last Stand, what scares criminals the most?

Death? No, why? 

Death is the most insignificant thing in this gray land, each member of Last Stand determined that he could die at any time.

Death did not frighten them, and it only made them more brutal in the moment of being alive.

However, they are still afraid. They are afraid of the crazy “Guys” who teach them the fact that sometimes life is scarier than death.

Speaking of crazy people, the street sweepers organization (SS) has no shortage of people like this. 

Criminals spread to each other; once a crime scene suddenly appears with a strong stench, it is best to run away. If you can’t escape, you have to find a way to kill yourself as quickly as possible. Because…

Drug Master is here!

The Gray Mouse was very displeased looking at the corpses before him, and the criminals were getting more and more sophisticated. As soon as he saw his figure, he immediately committed suicide.

Parts of the street and a few blocks were still burning, with occasional screams from those still trapped inside.

“Nothing interesting,” muttered Drug Master. He looked nostalgically at the small shadows that were running further and further away.

Suddenly he saw a “corpse” moving. A Humans guy was poisoned before he could commit suicide; his white eyes unconsciously hit his head with a half-gun, making it bloody.

But at least he wasn’t dead.

“Don’t worry, there’s a doctor here, and you won’t die.” Drug Master rushed over, shoving a tube of the pale green liquid into the human’s mouth, smelling of stench. If only looking at his actions and words, perhaps everyone would believe that he was a doctor dedicated to saving lives.

Demons believe the Beast.

The human man suddenly convulsed violently, and his whole body began to crack open with blood holes. Even though he was in an unconscious state, he was still in pain to the point of screaming.

Drug Master quickly used his two mouse legs, immobilized the human’s body, and continued to experiment with other drugs.

After 10 minutes of struggle, the humans… still didn’t die!!!

Ten minutes after the presence of the Drug Master, the SS Bruiser team (a common member of the SS) confirmed that the air was no longer toxic and rushed to clean the scene.

Houses were put out on fire, and corpses were burned. No one dared approach the gray rat, and some of the bravest tried to glance at it, only to see the human corpse still convulsing.

The Drug Master was pleased to put his notes in his pocket. Tell a nearby SS Bruiser, “For the time being, leave this guy here; for the next three days, he won’t die; his body will continue to react until the amount of toxin swells to the limit. At that moment, he will explode like a soap bubble. Then you can clean up.”

Looking at the street sweeper’s face, who was constantly convulsing in horror, Drug Master continued: “That’s right, send someone to monitor and film the whole process, then send it to my laboratory. Numbered as #62109”. 

It wasn’t until the Drug Master was gone that the entire SS Bruiser team could breathe a sigh of relief.


The Beast wasn’t sure how long he’d been at the Last Stand, but he liked living here. On the old planet, his experiments were banned, and he himself was wanted on more than 20 star systems.

“Perhaps only this one experiment can be done today,” muttered the rat. Currently, the elites of the SS are receiving orders from the Underworld to limit their actions, ready for a new mission temporarily. 

He was probably related to the item about to be auctioned at the Last Stand this time. Even though he knew, the Drug Master didn’t care. In his pocket was still a test tube, inside there was a layer of human tissue that was almost perfectly harmonized with the poison.

He was about to bring this to the place of his only friend at Last Stand, a Cyberse “guy” as crazy as Last Stand’s gray mouse.

The gray rat strutted across the street of Last Stand, the stench still lingering in the air. Sometimes the Drug Master’s body trembles slightly. Is it a reaction to the potion, or is he excited because the upcoming auction will bring him more test items?

Perhaps only the Drug Master knows what it is.


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