Chelone – Herald of Light

 “When the World is covered with the worst, a child with the power of light will be born, carrying the will of the gods and ending all.” – The scriptures of the El’Rak people.

The planet El’Rak is located in an unknown star system far to the west of Horizon, where the journey of cosmic discovery has yet to reach.

This is where the Aqua race lives – somehow, it’s here. The planet El’Rak remains in the form of a tribe, small groups of Aqua people living next to the oceans and rivers that cover El’Rak.

All of the Aquas at El’Rak have faith in a powerful savior who has given them this land to live on.

Like many children her age in the village, Chelone grew up in a prophecy about a not-so-distant apocalypse and faith awaiting the guidance of the gods.

Chelone took the faith as a natural through the great epics passed down orally from generation to generation of the tribe. They help her feel the warmth and comfort of the gods.

At 10, Chelone suddenly realized that she was not like the other Aquas. Light when approaching Chelone will involuntarily be attracted to her, so even unintentionally, Chelone’s body still glows and gives off a delightful and unique aura. Thanks to that, she invariably attracts the eyes of others.

Since Chelone’s body is blue, the light emitted from her feels like the color of the sun shining through the sea, gentle and not as intense as the light on the ground.

Given that she is the child of El’Rak, the elders of the clan have made the decision, and Chelone will have to go on a journey to find the will of the gods, to guide everyone through time doomsday point.


Abdju – El’Rak’s highest mountain, year-round covered in white snow, where harsh conditions make even Aqua’s bravest warrior fall. So far, no one has been able to conquer Abdju, where the will of the gods is located.

A challenge that Chelone had never faced. Not a single living thing appeared; only the frozen stares from the corpses of those who wanted to conquer the summit could be seen everywhere watching her.

Chelone realizes that only she can hope to make it through this journey, which no one else can. The warm light that enveloped the little girl made her resistant to the deadly cold.

However, the physical strength of a 10-year-old girl is not enough to overcome the seemingly endless journey; only strong will and faith can help Chelone continue to be resilient.


Finally, with a fantastic effort, Chelone reached the top of Abdju.

“Is that the will of God?” Chelone saw a strange “thing” she had never seen in her life. One airship was damaged.

Chelone went inside, only to see a dry skeleton lying there, based on the clothes that person wore when she was alive, identical to the drawings passed down in the tribe; Chelone could recognize that dry skeleton was an angel.

“Under the will of God, I reached El’Rak, however during the voyage, the ship encountered a cosmic storm. As a result, the engine was severely damaged, and I was also seriously injured.”

A voice sounded, making Chelone startled, discovering that there was no one but herself inside the spaceship, making Chelone even more terrified.

“As far as I know, I couldn’t make it back to the Ream Of Light alive, even before the accident. I know, my journey is over”. The voice still rang, this time, Chelone knew this was not a living person, but its owner was the corpse on the ship. Somehow, Chelone accidentally activated the last words that this man said to save.

“Perhaps… somehow, I have completed the mission. Unfortunately, in the end, it was still impossible to see the child of light”. Chelone was surprised, and this person came to find me?

“All the ship’s energy, I have saved for the last signal to the Executors roaming the Horizon. Child of light, once you reach this place, your energy will passively trigger a distress signal. Other angels will carry you to the abode of the gods.”

“I believe God will bring you here.”

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t see you in the end.”

The voice inside the spaceship ended, leaving only a child standing bewildered.

The angel god was right. Fate somehow magically connected everything, regardless of space and time.

Chelone is precisely the kid the Executors are looking for! An invisible signal guided and carried Chelone where she needed to go.


Since that time, Chelone has never returned to her village again.

Not long after the distress signal was activated, the Executors found her, taking her to where she belonged – the Ream Of Light.

The most experienced Executors have trained Chelone physically and in faith for many years.

With her bestowed strength and relentless efforts, Chelone finally became one of the four Angels of the Gods in Horizon – Heralds of Light.

In honor of the Executors, Chelone accepted the honor, leading the Executors to continue their quest to preserve Horizon’s balance.

Chelone ended the Alliance and Empire’s years-long war, bringing a brief peace to Horizon.

However, Chelone also gradually discovered the true meaning of the old parable and his role in this event.

Chelone is no longer the little girl she used to be, and the more she travels around Horizon, the more she realizes: Horizon has been filled with evil and cannot be saved.

“The light of the gods will purify this world” – Chelone is truly steadfast in her choice.


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