Horizon Land Metaverse Partner With BitKeep | The Decentralized Multi-chain Wallet

Horizon Land Metaverse is pleased to announce a partnership with BitKeep on the journey to bring the Horizon Land Metaverse to cover all global users.

Through this relationship, BitKeep and Horizon Land will together provide safe and convenient one-stop digital asset management services; bring to communities a more trusted crypto wallet, which can be added with the convenience of storing, trading, or holding ZON token.

In addition, we will do a communication and marketing campaign which get the advantage of both strengths. Bring our brands to touch more and more communities all around the world.

About BitKeep – The Comprehensive Decentralized Multi-chain Wallets

BitKeep is one of the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallets, which combines Wallet, BitSwap, DeFi, Dapp, NFT together, and launchpad aiming to become the largest entry into the decentralized world. 

BitKeep has the largest community in Asia. BitKeep have 4,800,000+ Registered users, 45,000+ Tokens in assets, 40+Public Chains integrated, 10,000+ Dapps, supporting 6 Languages while covering 200+ Countries.

BitKeep’d like to open up a line of communication regarding possible collaborations including co-marketing and can also hold joint AMA and many other collaborations to strengthen their partnership. Their mission is to push for an inclusive and border-less crypto expansion.

BitKeep allows users to easily send and receive cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin. With global subsidiaries and partnerships in 12 countries and regions including Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Thailand, BitKeep serves more than 4 million users in 160+ countries across the world. The BitKeep company consists of more than 500 employees worldwide.

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About Horizon Land Metaverse

Horizon Land Metaverse is the immersive gaming Virtual World built on blockchain. We provide exquisite gaming experiences and means to help users monetize their ownership of virtual properties.

By joining the Horizon Land metaverse, users are free to select any identity: a player, a landowner, a creator, or a partner with different involvement upon their interests and demands. They are given rights and tools to have their own territory, create their own assets (as NFTs), monetize their creativity, and utilize fascinating services under a transparent and reliable governance system. Through our decentralized mechanism, anyone can be part of the control also.

More about Horizon Land Metaverse: https://docs.horizonland.app/horizon-land/


Horizon Land Metaverse: 

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Contact Us: contact@horizonland.app

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