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Horizon Land is honored to announce that we will collaborate with Ludena Protocol – One of the largest P2E game social platforms. With the same mission of contributing to the future of the Metaverse, we will connect the two communities to extend both. 

The partnership with Ludena can help an infant Horizon Land with network connection, spread our message further, and creative Metaverse Games. It means that in addition to our main social media, you also can get the announcement related to Horizon Land in Ludena Protocol, and vice versa.

About Ludena Protocol

Ludena is South Korea’s biggest PlayToEarn game social platform with over 3 million worldwide gamers, which envisions a creative Metaverse with Play-to-Earn games, NFT MarketPlace, and Staking Platform. The platform is still sharply growing with their infinitely scaling Dapp to strengthen the Metaverse community. With many prestigious partners such as Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Destiny’s Divide, EnJin, Play Dapp, and Fara Land. Their large ecosystem will help infant Metaverse projects to bring their voice closer to the public.

Their first game is Kanimal Clash: A real-time multiplayer strategy game using 10,000+ unique character NFTs. In Ludena Protocol’s staking platform, investors and players will be able to stake their LDN to earn weekly rewards. LDN staking rewards can continuously be farmed and claimed after a short lock-up period.

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Horizon Land Metaverse – Where For Entertain – Playing – Experience – Earning

Horizon Land is a Metaverse RPG project built on the Binance Smart Chain. The first game on a blockchain platform with Multi-play game features (allows Gamers to play many different game genres with unique NFTs). With the application of Virtual Reality technology, Horizon Land brings you the second real-life with much more adventurous modes such as space traveling, army forming, etc. 

In the world of Horizon Land Metaverse, players can buy/sell their NFT lands, construct their own empire, and can see all heroes, items, lands…by VR of Mevtaverse in Horizon. Apart from that, players build themselves a squad of many different races to take on missions, combat against enemies and conquer planets together. A storm of war is about to sweep the entire Horizon Land into it. But perhaps, the end of this war will only be death and endless night covering the whole galaxy.


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