In order to create a playground where talented young people can mix with their passion for creativity, and at the same time create opportunities for them to show off their unique and bold works. As an individual publication, the Student Capability Development Center cooperated with “82 Concept Company and TechFarm” to organize the Top Design Contest: THE TOP DESIGN TALENTS ️ 

With the theme “Expressing your own personality”, Top design is a contest for students who love design to freely express their personal color works, this is also an opportunity for you to rub , compete with “rivals” who share the same passion as you. 

About the Design Contest

Contest requirements 

– For Van Lang students majoring in design or interested in design

– Students take the test in JPEG or PNG format, landscape format with 1:1 ratio

Time and method of competition 

November 30 – December 5: Candidates register for the exam HERE: “” 

December 7: Announce the Top 20 on Metaverse platform 

December 9 – December 15: Displaying student products, opening the voting portal on Metaverse 

December 18: Announcement of results on the fanpage of PTNLSV Center

How to Voting your favorite pictures

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Sign in with your google mail account or metamask wallet 

Step 3: Select a character and enter your character’s name 

Step 4: Move to Art Gallery (Run or Teleport) 

Step 5: Go to your favorite picture and press E to vote

Prize and Rewards

First Prize: 1,500,000 vnd with Notebook with unique design from 82 Concepts ️ 

Second Prize: 1,000,000 vnd with Notebook with unique design from 82 Concepts ️ 

Third Prize: 500,000 vnd + Notebook with unique design from 82 Concept ️ 

Fourth Prize: Notebook with unique design from 82 Concept ️ 

Fifth Prize: Notebook with unique design from 82 Concept

In addition

The participants also have the opportunity to receive benefits attractive from the co-organizers:

– Art Gallery displays 20 excellent works built by TechFarm

– Student works appear on the main fanpage of 82 Concept

– Job opportunities from TechFarm, 82 Concepts

Special Point

Let’s join The TOP DESIGNER’S PICTURES at Horizon Land Art Gallery here:

Creative and be our Talent from today now!!!


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